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Returning to recreation after your amputation

Most amputees can return to recreational activities.  There are numerous benefitsfrom recreational activities both physical and psychological.  

The physical benefits include strength, fitness, weight loss, improved dexterity and managing diabetes.  The psychological benefits include reduced anxiety, pleasure, stress relief, connection with others, improved self-esteem and quality of life.

There are many activities that can be returned to without the need for specialised equipment such as swimming.  There is a huge variety of specialised prosthetic devices that an amputee can purchase to pursue favourite activities or a skilled prosthetist can custom make devices if one is not available.  

Lower limb amputees have a variety of devices for recreational activities.  Some examples include:

  1. Running leg
  2. Flipper leg
  3. Safety stirrup for horse riding
  4. Snowboard for bilateral amputees

Upper limb amputees have a large choice of devices, the following are some examples.  There are holders available that hold not only everyday items such as hairbrushes and cooking utensils, they also hold tools and devices for recreation.

  1. Camera holder
  2. Bicycle handle bar holder
  3. Weight lifting device
  4. Basketball device
  5. Ball catching and throwing hand
  6. Gardening fork device