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The physiotherapist’s main role is to help you move about safely and confidently.  

 Some amputees this will be in a wheelchair, but others will be taught how to use crutches, walking frames or a prosthetic limb.  To do these activities successfully you need to be as strong, fit and flexible as possible.  The physiotherapist will help you achieve this through a plan consisting of daily exercises, stretching, balance activities and fitness work.

Once you have a prosthetic limb the physiotherapist and prosthetist will work together to help you achieve a comfortable and smooth walking style.  If you are assessed as being unable to manage a prosthesis, the physiotherapist will assist you in obtaining an appropriate mobility device.

If you have an upper limb amputation, your physiotherapist will provide you with an exercise program aimed at strengthening muscles and joints involved in the operation of a prosthetic limb and in maintaining a good posture.