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Amputees will sweat more than they did before the amputation.  

Amputees will sweat more than they did before the amputation.  There are several reasons why this happens: 

  1. The body has lost surface area so the remaining sweat glands must work harder to cool the body’s core.
  1. It takes more energy to ambulate with a prosthetic limb which results in the body heating up during regular activities.
  1. Prosthetic sockets trap heat and stop evaporation of sweat.

Excessive perspiration will cause skin irritations and body odour.  To treat perspiration and odour apply a fragrance free antiperspirant to the stump daily.  Do not apply antiperspirant onto any open sores or inflamed skin.

There are stump socks that can help wick moisture away from the stump.  Wear clean stump socks everyday.  In warm weather you may need to change your stump sock several times over the course of the day.

If you wear a prosthetic limb for long periods remove it during the day to refresh the stump and socket. Wipe down the stump and inside the socket then reapply antiperspirant.  Exposing the stump to air will dry and cool the stump.

Always make sure you are using an antiperspirant.  Products labelled as a deodorant such as Lynx®, only mask unpleasant odour with a stronger ‘pleasant’ odour.  The sweat and bacteria are still being produced in the same quantity.

If the sweating is excessive extra strength deodorants are available.  Some amputees may opt for osseointegration; a prosthetic implant procedure that removes the need for a socket.