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Queensland Artificial Limb Service

For those over 65 years and over who have not previously been under the NDIS will need to contact Queensland Artificial Limb Service (QALS).

QALS funds a variety of standard definitive prosthetic services for people requiring a definitive prosthesis (artificial limb), for basic day to day activities. Annual funding limits apply to all services funded through QALS.

Registration with QALS is a simple process, normally a single page form is all that is required, depending on the circumstances. The person requiring the funding support for definitive prosthetic services must be:

  • Aged 65 years or older;
  • An Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or a holder of a protected special category visa (SCV);
  • Listed on a current Medicare Card with no restrictions;
  • Completed an ‘interim rehabilitation program’, assessed and deemed competent and suitable to use a prosthetic limb; and
  • Not obtaining prosthetic funding support or services through another Government agency or State service
QALS flowchart

Contact QALS

The MASS Building
41 Southgate Avenue
Cannon Hill Qld 4170

PO Box 281 Cannon Hill, Qld 4170

Tel: (07) 3136 3660
Fax: (07) 3136 3650