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Stump Care Information Session

8th October 2021 10:00am - 12:00pm
Logan Central Community Centre
(Amputees Qld Hall)
9-11 Jacaranda Avenue
Logan Central

Cost: Free

Join us and Heather from The Physio Lounge to learn more about stump care and why it is so important!

Proper limb and skin care is essential to your health and mobility. Looking after your stump can go a long way towards keeping minor problems from turning into a crisis. Prosthetic sockets trap sweat and prevent air from circulating around your residual limb, which can create a virtual paradise for bacteria. Bacterial and fungal infections can lead to skin irritation, abrasions and eventually skin breakdown. Left unchecked, this could lead to infection and ulcerations, leaving you unable to use your prosthesis for an extended length of time.

Morning Tea will be provided.

Bookings essential as places are limited.